As a leading manufacturer of LED strip light in China, our company has been exporting this product since 2005.



Over the years of our steadfast and progressive research our company has developed a great reputation and has received numerous credentials that support our position at one of the leading LED Strip Lights manufacturer in China. 


Overview of Our Company

CSH is a leading comprehensive manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China with production plants that occupies an area of over 10,000 square meters. m. 


Our Offerings – LED Strip Lights Designed for Versatility


This has made us as a company to gain experience in producing LED strip lights that are water-resistant and sensitive to weather conditions, durable, efficient and safe to use both in homes and outdoors. 




Wide Application Range

Our LED strips lights are designed to cater to a variety of commercial and consumer applications:Our LED strips lights are designed to cater to a variety of commercial and consumer applications:

Our strip lights collection stands out based on:Our strip lights collection stands out based on:

  • – **Architectural accent lighting** – Exterior walls, entrances, walkways, tunnels 
  • – **Kitchen cabinet lighting**
  • – **Shelf and showcase lighting** in shops
  • – **Cove lighting** for offices, workspaces and so on. 
  • – **Marine lighting** used for lighting boats, yachts and other such vessels etc.  
  • – **Outdoor**: These include; *Street lights and *Landscape lighting including; Gardens, pathways etc.
  • – **Anti-lock brake system** – Car’s interior design

Customization Support 

Even the strip lights on this company are all done through in-house R&D to work on a custom project to produce LED strip lights depending on the customer’s application and technology. Custom offerings include:


  • – There are different lengths and cuts which can be produced.
  • – CC and CI tuning 
  • – Specially, development of connectors to supply the customers need that meets its demand without much difficulty. 
  • – Luminaires – beam angle regulation
  • – Fixture design
  • – Driver parameters

Rigorous Testing and Certifications

It is important to note we ensure that all of the products we manufacture undergo quality testing and control before they are released to the market. We are also fully certified company with:We are also fully certified company with:  


  • – **CE certified** consumer products
  • – The product received the **UL certification** for the United States and North American market.
  • – On the environmental aspect, it has to be compliant with the **RoHS directive**. 
  • – **IP65** as well as **IP68** certifications that mark protection from dust as well as waterproofing


Competitive Pricing

Our company directly involved in the research, purchasing of components, and assembling of LED strip which makes us have some of the most competitive pricing without any compromise of quality. 


Our Manufacturing Process 


To provide consumers with LED strip lights that deliver tens of thousands of hours of high-quality and reliable performance the utmost care and protocols are adhered to at every stage of production.


Incoming Quality Inspection  

The various raw materials and components purchased from the approved vendors are subjected to quality checks and are allowed to be used in manufacturing process only after passing through the test standards.


Precision SMT Assembly

For affixing sophisticated and high-value LED, chip-on-board segments, resistors, capacitors and other components on the PCB we use sophisticated SMT lines.


Automated Potting and Injection

They are then automatically potted or injected with silicone for sealing or plastic injection molding for enhanced strength and protection against harsh weather conditions.


Heat Testing 

These are then under gone through heat test, cold test, power on test and aging tests in R & D labs including other tests.


Secondary Optic Assembly

In some of the products for instance rigid LED bars, the secondary optics such as reflectors or lenses are installed after testing. 


Final Testing and Packaging

Every finished strip undergoes testing for all the aforementioned parameters before being packaged through anti static processing so as not to harm the products. 



Quality Control and Assurance


Sustaining high quality with different generations of automobile manufacturing requires a firm quality management framework. At design stage all the way to testing stage before products are shipped, our R&D has put in place strict checks that are industry standard.


Raw Material Inspection  

Incoming materials undergo checks for accuracy of:Incoming materials undergo checks for accuracy of:

  • – Bill of materials
  • – Dimensions and finishes 
  • – Continuity of PCBs
  • – Proper polarity of elements


In-Process Inspections

During sub-assembly phases, the visual checks and tests to detect any misplaced components, solder defects, or damages are performed.


Product Testing

Our onsite labs are equipped to conduct standard tests specified by IEC and specific tests designed based on product application area: 

  1. – Life Testing
  2. – Photometric Testing
  3. – Climate Testing


Outgoing Quality Checks

Before dispatching the finished products, we carry out pre-shipment quality assessments such as physical damage, incompatible connectors, loose contacts, and reduced lumen intensity, among others.


Our Achievements


  • – **ISO 9001:2015 certified** – This connotes the company’s adherence to quality.
  • – Mentioned supplier and quality awards of the leading brands of luminaires in Europe and America
  • – **Export Excellence Awards** – Specifically, these awards are given by the China Lighting Association mainly based on export performance.
  • – **Patents** – In mechanical, optical and control of LEDs assemblies  

LED Strip Lights manufacturer




Please contact us to consult with our specialist in details of your specific LED lighting project; we are always prepared to create the solutions that fit your needs and yet remain perfect in every way LED Strip Lights manufacturer.


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