Innovative Ideas for Making the Most of Your Meeting Space Rental

Office space companies like Nexus 1201 offer to rent meeting spaces for holding conferences, workshops, team discussions, and corporate events. These spaces offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility for businesses and companies. Here’s how you can make the most out of meeting space rentals:

  1.   Displaying Relevant Information
  2.   Making the Room Sound-Proof
  3.   Having Adjustable Lighting Settings
  4.   Ensuring Everyone’s Comfortability
  5.   Providing Ample Space for Standing and Walking
  6.   Installing Moveable Partitions and Walls
  7.   Incorporating Conference Room Booking System
  8.   Investing in Time Management Tools
  9.   Having Access to the Latest Technologies
  10.   Incorporating Video Conferencing for Better Connectivity

Top 10 Creative Ideas for Your Meeting Space Rental

People often think a professional meeting room rental is a space with just four walls and a roof. But it is actually more than that! It’s a space that offers you the liberty to promote employee productivity, collaboration, and creativity. So, to make the most of this rental space, companies should incorporate the following ideas:

Displaying Relevant Information

Meeting spaces should be inviting, meaning people should feel welcomed whenever they enter. Employees might not feel welcomed if the walls are blank and dull. In fact, they might be reluctant to meet there. However, entering a room with relevant information or motivational quotes on the walls would feel much more inviting and inspiring. And the best part? Businesses can change the information as per their meeting agenda!

Making the Room Sound-Proof

The worst thing that could happen during a meeting is unwanted noises reaching inside the room. This will cause a disturbance, and employees might be unable to concentrate throughout the meeting. Having sound-proof curtains and blinds, placing carpet and rugs, installing acoustic panels, and having double-glazed windows are some techniques to make your conference room spaces conducive to meetings.

Having Adjustable Lighting Settings

There can be several instances during the meeting when the presenter has to show a video or presentation. The light has to be adjusted accordingly. If there is a single lighting setting on and off, there will be darkness inside the room when presenting something on the screen. But with adjustable settings, you can modify the light brightness accordingly.

Ensuring Everyone’s Comfortability

The typical presentation room rentals have a unified seating arrangement and the same furniture. But to make your space appealing and welcoming, you should consider everyone’s comfort. Employees should be allowed to take their chairs or beanbags into the room if the meeting extends.

Providing Ample Space for Standing and Walking

Some employees prefer standing during meetings, while others sit throughout the session. The meeting room should be large enough to accommodate standing and sitting employees. The layout should be designed in such a way as to solve this issue and promote alertness and creativity.

Installing Moveable Partitions and Walls

Moveable or modular walls are a great way to increase the space of executive meeting spaces. These partitions and walls will optimize the spaces based on the requirements, size, and type of meeting. The best part about these is that businesses will not have to book another venue!

Incorporating Conference Room Booking System

Booking schedules often clash because of last-minute changes and making reservations manually. But those days are gone because many rental companies like Nexus 1201 have introduced computerized booking systems for seamless reservations. You can also book amenities and room service through this system.

Investing in Time Management Tools

The primary benefit of time management tools is they will ensure that the meetings are progressive and finished on time. The meeting rooms should be equipped with countdown timers, visible clocks, and scheduling tools to keep everyone focused on the meeting and remain mindful of the time.

Having Access to the Latest Technologies

The meeting room rental should access the latest technologies, including a conference booking system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a real-time display, interactive whiteboards, webcams, microphones, and speakers. These will help employees collaborate and share their ideas.

Incorporating Video Conferencing for Better Connectivity

Video conferencing is vital today because many employees work remotely. This is an excellent way to connect with others, even if employees are in another country. Having meetings with the remote team becomes easy through video conferencing.


So, there you have it! The top 10 best innovative ideas for making the most of meeting space rentals. The meeting rooms by trusted companies like Nexus 1201 can display relevant information, soundproof the room, install adjustable lighting, ensure everyone’s comfort, and much more. Businesses should incorporate these ideas to ensure productivity and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a meeting creative?

You can make a meeting space rental creative by creating an inspiring and comfortable environment, encouraging perspectives, and incorporating interactive activities. Also, incorporate collaborative tools, design layouts, and audio and visual aids. You can make the room soundproof, include a conference booking app or system, and install modular walls or partitions.

What is the difference between a conference room and a meeting room?

The primary difference between a meeting and conference rooms is their size and use. A conference room is more significant and can accommodate up to one hundred people. However, a smaller meeting room is only suitable for small gatherings, team brainstorming sessions, and discussions.

What is the meeting room layout?

The arrangement of equipment and furniture within a meeting space is defined as a layout. Standard meeting room layouts include classroom-style, theater-style, U-shape configurations, and boardroom-style. You can decide on the design by considering the number of participants, the purpose of the meeting, and the level of interaction.


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